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I am EUnlike the common French name 'Édouard',
there is no accent on the 'E'.
douard Oyallon, a CNRS researcher in the team MLIA of Sorbonne University. In 2024, I will be a visiting research scientist at CCM of the Flatiron Institute. Prior to it, you might have met me at Ecole Polytechnique (DepMap), CentraleSupélec (Opis), INRIA Lille (SequeL, with Michal Valko), Ecole Normale Supérieure (DATA, with Stéphane Mallat) or even at ENS Cachan, campus de Ker Lann. I am interested in the foundations of machine learning techniques, both from an applied and theoretical point of view. Currently, I work on asynchronous decentralised optimization and I study the symetries of deep neural networks. I have a specific interest in statical signal processing and deep learning, and applications which lead to a limited use of resources (compute, energy, data, human brain time...).

Feel free to send me any emails to discuss my work at edouard[d.o.t]oyallon[a.t]cnrs[d.o.t]fr or eoyallon[a.t]flatironinstitute[d.o.t]org.
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